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Divorce and Financial disputes

One Couple - One Divorce Lawyer

One Couple – One Divorce Lawyer

Our New De-Couple service is new and unique and inexpensive compared to other family law solicitors offering a similar service.

Using one divorce lawyer can save you an average of £2,300 each where the average divorce  and settlement using two sets of lawyers is £7620.

If you want your divorce negotiations to remain amicable and non judgmental then this service will be ideal, especially where there may be substantial assets such as properties and pensions to be settled and divided.

You only need one divorce lawyer to reach a settlement

We will progress your divorce for you at your own pace.
We will advise you on the merits of any tentative agreed settlement you have reached and work with you to close any gaps.

We will assist in instructing experts to obtain valuations of property and pensions and other assets and complete your financial disclosure.

We will meet with you both online or in person to finalise everything and submit a financial consent order to the court to bring your divorce to a close.

We will assist you with implementing any pension sharing and sale of any property or other assets. ( third parties may be recommended)
We will help you put your agreed child care arrangements into effect.

*£1500 + vat per person fixed fee payable in 3 instalments of £500.

* Excludes court fees and other third party fees.

Please visit our dedicated One Couple One Divorce Solicitor page here.

Fixed-fee divorce - Applicant or Joint

We charge a simple £399 plus VAT to manage your no fault divorce from beginning to end (excluding coming to a specific arrangement for children or a binding financial settlement).

Our expert divorce solicitors will handle all aspects of your no fault divorce including the preparation of your divorce paperwork, the filing of all necessary documents with the court and dealing with any communication between the court and any opposing solicitors on your behalf.

You may additionally need to pay the court-filing fees (currently £593) or a process server fee if the respondent will not acknowledge the divorce paperwork.

Fixed fee divorce - Respondent

We charge £200 plus VAT if you are not the one initiating the divorce.

There’s less forms if you are the respondent, but you’ll still need legal support, especially if you and your spouse are arguing over who should pay the costs.

Contested divorce - Variable fees

From April 6th 2022 there will be very limited grounds for defending a divorce application, mainly on jurisdiction arguments or lack of service.

If you believe a divorce should not take place in England and Wales because proceedings have started in another country or should take place there, then we can help. Also if you believe that a divorce application has been made but you have not had notice, we may be able to help.


For advice on divorce and how we can help, complete our call back form and we will call you to advise.

Finances in divorce- Variable fees

Sorting out your finances is our speciality


If you are going through a divorce in England & Wales, you may already know that obtaining a ( Final Order)Decree Absolute is the final step in legally ending your marriage and allowing you to remarry.

However, what many people don’t realise is that this does not automatically resolve the financial commitments between the couple. This can be the most stressful and overwhelming part of a separation, but it is essential to take action to ensure that you are being treated fairly.

At our law firm, we understand the importance of settling any financial issues in a divorce for the sake of your future and the future of your children. Our team of specialist divorce lawyers are experts in achieving fair financial settlements and can handle even the most uncooperative spouses through skilled negotiation.

We are committed to keeping you out of court and settling your case as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our goal is to file an order with the consent of both parties, ensuring that you receive the settlement you deserve without unnecessary delays or legal fees.


Low hourly rates and fixed fee menus



Our fees are transparent and based on the seniority and experience of the lawyer assigned to your case. They range from £110-£245 per hour depending on seniority.
Please download our charges and fee earner hourly rate pdf.

We also offer a fixed fee menu for various stages of financial applications made to a court, so you know exactly what to expect and budget for.

Sorting out any financial issues in a divorce is vital for your future and the future of your children. Our specialist team of divorce lawyers are experts in achieving fair financial settlements and dealing with uncooperative Spouses, through skilled negotiation and access to other complimetary experts.


Dedicated to out of court solutions


We will always aim to keep you out of court and to try and settle your case as quickly and cheaply as possible. The end goal will always be to file an order with consent of both parties.

We also have a fixed fee menu for the various stages of any financial application made to a court, so you know exactly what each stage will cost.

We can also help you if you want to act for yourself in any proceedings by offering advice, drafting and if required arranging representation at any hearings.

We can arrange for payment plans or loan  finance in high net worth cases or defer our fees until the end of your case.

Fixed Fee Financial Consent order

A financial consent order is a legal document that sets out the agreed financial arrangements between divorcing couples. It can cover a range of financial issues, such as property division, pension sharing, maintenance payments, and child support.


Pension sharing is an important consideration in divorce, and a consent order can include provisions for dividing pensions between both parties. This ensures that both spouses receive a fair share of any pension assets and can plan for their financial future accordingly.


Maintenance payments are also a key aspect of many divorce settlements, and a consent order can specify the amount and duration of payments. This can include regular maintenance payments, as well as lump sum payments.


It’s important to note that a consent order is legally binding, and both parties must comply with its terms. If either party fails to comply with the order, the other party can seek legal enforcement.


Our experienced divorce lawyers can help you negotiate a fair and reasonable consent order that takes into account your specific circumstances. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you secure your financial future ( hourly rates apply).

To ensure that your financial agreements are legally binding, it’s important to obtain a consent order as part of your divorce proceedings.

At  OLS Solicitors , we offer a fixed fee of £649 plus VAT for drafting and sealing a consent order with the court.


Please note that there is also an additional court fee of £53 (at the time of writing). It’s important to keep in mind that the contents of the order must already be agreed upon by both parties.


It’s also important to note that the court can only seal a consent order if there are already divorce proceedings in progress. With our expert legal guidance, we can help you navigate the process and ensure that your consent order is properly executed and legally binding. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Fixed fee Consent order Review

Consent Order Review Service for just £399 +vat.

Get expert advice on understanding a draft consent order, the importance of a consent order in your case, completing necessary documents, implementation and timings, potential difficulties with court acceptance

Visit our dedicated consent order review page for more information

Relationship Dispute Services

Cohabitation & relationship disputes

Most people do not get married and simply live together in a variety of relationships in 2024.

We believe that you should be able to get a good outcome regardless of your relationship status.

Our team of family law solicitors are able to advise and assist you in relation to any cohabitation or relationship problem you may have.

Whether you simply live with your partner, or in a civil partnership, we can help by giving you the most practical advice.

Child Disputes

The breakdown of any relationship can be hard enough, but issues of sorting arrangements with your children can be further complicated.

Disputes over children arise when there is hostility between the parties, for example, if one parent wants to move away or abroad, or there are allegations of domestic violence or risk to children.

Read our detailed services page on how we can help you in relation to child disputes

Domestic Abuse Issues

If you are suffering from domestic abuse or coersive behaviour in your relationship and need legal help, OLS Solicitors are here to help.

We can provide legal representation anywhere in England & Wales and we have experienced solicitors ready to act on your behalf.

Contact us today for a free consultation on domestic abuse issues in your relationship.

Wills & End Of Life Services

Fixed-fee Will Writing Service

Our family law solicitors have extensive experience in estate planning and will writing to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death.

You can make a convenient free initial appointment to discuss your affairs and only once you are happy, our solicitors will draft your will to your exact requirements and assist in the correct execution of the document.

We can also provide you with free safe storage for your will and notify your executors and family.

A standard single will is £99 and a mirror or joint will is £199 (plus vat)
A will that includes trusts or life interests is £150 (plus vat)

Will Writing Service

Probate and administration of estates

We will match you with the most suitable family law solicitor at OLS Solicitors to fit your individual needs.

Probate and estate administration can be complex and time consuming, which is why our service to you is honest, upfront and affordable.

We are flexible and allow you to choose how much of the work you wish for us to do, which can be arranged after your initial appointment.

Please download Fixed-fee-Probate-and-letters-of-administration (1) to see what your likely charges will be.

Most of our probate work is carried out by Lucy Batstone a Chartered Legal Executive.

Fixed fee Powers of attorney

We understand that setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney for health or finances can be both expensive and confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the process and legal requirements.

Our team of solicitors will discuss, assess and then advise you on what kind of power of attorney will be needed for your situation.

They will then complete all documentation on your behalf and follow the necessary procedures to obtain your lasting power of attorney.

We charge a simple £350 (plus vat) for each attorney plus registration fee.

sears tooth agreements being signed for legal fees

Legal Agreements For Relationships

Fixed Fee Prenuptial agreements

We charge a fixed fee of £899 (plus VAT) for pre-nuptial agreements where the combined assets of the couple are below £3 million. Please contact us for  where the assets exceed this for a personalised quote. More information can be found on our dedicated pre nuptial agreements page.

If you are going to get married or enter into a Civil Partnership but have existing money or assets you wish to protect, then this document will set out what you have agreed to exclude or include in the event of a separation or divorce.

We also deal with post nuptial agreements for the same fixed fee.

Fixed fee Cohabitation agreement

A Cohabitation Agreement is a legally binding document entered into by couples who wish to live together and have legal  protection in relation to money, property etc. It can also cover children issues, during the time that you are living together and can also deal with what will happen if you unfortunately have to split up.

We charge a fixed fee of £899 (plus VAT) to draft your cohabitation agreement and have it executed correctly.

Fixed Fee Separation agreement

We charge a fixed fee of £899 (plus VAT) for separation agreements. If you’re separating from your partner, but not yet ready for divorce, we can create a legally binding document that sets out the specifics of your separation. Although for us to do this, you and your partner will have to be in agreement on the details. if you are not quite there we can help you negotiate a fair settlement on an hourly rate basis.

Parenting Agreements

A court will no longer make any orders about your children arrangements in a divorce. If you’re in agreement you can have a Parenting Agreement drawn up, which will cover a host of eventualities. As parents, having a reliable and workable routine is essential for your children’s wellbeing.
We can help work out those arrangements and create a workable written agreement for you.

£899 + vat

Legal Advice On Agreements

Whenever a legal agreement is made it is always advised that both parties have the benefit of legal advice. This not only protects the other party to the agreement, but it gives the agreement much more weight, should there be a dispute and the matter has to go to court.

We offer an agreement advice service for all agreements.

This is carried out over the phone or video and includes a legal advice certificate.

£399 + vat

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