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Why Choose OLS Solicitors for Your Equine Law Needs?

At OLS Solicitors, we understand the specific legal needs of the horse owning world.

Our team of senior equine law solicitors, led by Lara Davies—a Director and experienced dressage competitor and respected equine law specialist, is ready to assist you with their expertise and personal understanding of the equine and agricultural industry.

Reach out to us today to protect your assets and resolve your disputes efficiently and effectively through our premier equine law advice.


Our Expert Equine Law Services


Equine Dispute Resolution

We deal with all facets of equine disputes, from mis-selling of horses and livestock to loan disputes and ownership disagreements, with our equine law services. Our senior equine law solicitors aim to resolve disputes through correspondence, mediation, and negotiation, minimising your legal costs. (£245 per hour plus VAT)

Equine Document Drafting

Use our expert drafting services to mitigate the risk of disputes in areas such as loan agreements, sale and purchase agreements, ownership and shared ownership, livery agreements, stud contracts for stallions, mares, and vets, grazing agreements, and training agreements. (£499.00 plus VAT)

Wills and Inheritance Disputes

Benefit from our advice on specialist will drafting, contentious probate and inheritance disputes involving equestrian assets and horses. Secure your legacy and ensure your assets are distributed as per your wishes. (£99.00 plus VAT for wills, £245 per hour plus VAT for disputes).

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Protect your equine, agricultural interests and personal assets with our expertly crafted Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements. Our equine law advice is customised to your unique needs, offering insight into how these assets are treated in the event of a divorce. (£899.00 plus VAT)

Matrimonial Finances

Navigate the divorce process with our specialist guidance. We offer detailed advice on the treatment of equestrian and agricultural assets during matrimonial finance proceedings. Understand valuation and ownership determination with our equine legal advice. (£245 per hour plus VAT)


In person appointments for equine law matters

We have offices conveniently situated in Carmarthenshire for our Welsh and borders clients and in Swindon for Wiltshire, Berkshire, Cotswolds. and surrounds.

Contact us on 01554 756952 today for a free no obligation chat.

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