One Couple One Lawyer Divorce Service

one couple one divorce lawyer service

One Couple – One Divorce Lawyer

Affordable, Amicable, Efficient


Why Choose Our One Couple – One Lawyer Divorce Service?

In the world of family law, our One Divorce Lawyer service is the most cost-effective solution. Unlike traditional methods requiring two separate lawyers, , two sets of fees , delays and animosity, our new approach offers significant financial and emotional benefits.

Read what the specialist family lawers at Resolution have to say about this new model in family law here.

Save on two sets of Legal fees.

The average cost of a divorce using two solicitors stands at a staggering £7,620 per person. With our amicable divorce service, you can save an average of £6,120 each, making a difficult process more manageable and keep more of your hard earned money.

Amicable Divorce For The Modern Marriage

Our service is designed to ensure you remain amicable and respectful throughout your divorce negotiations. This approach is particularly beneficial when dealing with substantial assets such as properties, business assets and pensions.


Our Comprehensive Service Package

One Lawyer, Complete Divorce Settlement

Our expert divorce lawyers will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a fair and comprehensive divorce settlement for you both.

We understand that every situation is unique. We’ll work with you at your own pace, offering expert advice on any pre-agreed discussions or kitchen table settlements and help you bridge any gaps.

Valuations and Financial Disclosure

We will assist you in getting accurate valuations of your properties, pensions, and other assets, ensuring a thorough and transparent financial disclosure.

Advice Session

Choose between an online or in-person meeting to finalise your arrangements. We will present you with a range of options that a court may make and work with you to finalise an agreement that you are both happy with and that is fair and capable of being accepted by the court.

We’ll handle the submission of the financial consent order to the court to conclude your divorce efficiently.

Implementation Assistance

From pension sharing to property sales, we’re here to assist. We also offer support in implementing pension ahring arrangements and agreed child care arrangements.

Transparent – No hidden fees.

Fixed Fee: £1,500 + VAT per Person.
Our clear pricing structure includes a fixed fee payable in three instalments of £500 per person.

  • £500 to start the process and set up your file
  • £500 when we obtain valuations and disclosure
  • £500 when we apply to the court with your financial order*This fee excludes court fees and third-party fees such as valuation reports, ensuring no hidden costs. We will let you know how much these are likely to be at the outset.


Begin Your Amicable Separation Journey Today

Choose our One Lawyer Divorce service for a smoother, more respectful divorce process. Contact us to start the journey towards a new chapter in your life.

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