OLS Solicitors Makes a Difference: Giving Back Through Will Aid

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OLS Solicitors Makes a Difference: Giving Back Through Will Aid

By Lara Davies on September 18, 2023

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OLS Solicitors Makes a Difference: Giving Back Through Will Aid


When it comes to giving back to the community, OLS Solicitors in Llanelli and Swindon has shown true commitment and generosity. For four years, the firm has been actively involved in the Will Aid scheme, an annual campaign that combines the essential task of will-writing with charitable giving.

A Win-Win Situation

Will Aid is a unique campaign that allows individuals to get a professionally written will while also supporting nine vital charities in the UK and around the world. Every November, OLS Solicitors waives its usual fee for writing basic wills and invites clients to make an upfront donation to Will Aid instead.

Aiming for the Best Year Yet
Over the years, OLS Solicitors has raised an impressive £4,020 for Will Aid, and this year they are aiming to make it their most successful year yet. Lara Hooper, Senior Solicitor at OLS Solicitors, emphasizes how rewarding it is to be part of this initiative.

“Will Aid is an exceptional campaign that offers people the chance to support important causes while taking care of an essential life task,” said Lara. “We’re delighted to volunteer our time and expertise to support such a fantastic campaign.”

The Importance of Will Writing
According to a recent poll conducted by Will Aid, a staggering 59% of UK adults still do not have a will. Not having a will can leave your assets and loved ones in uncertain territory. This November, you can not only get your affairs in order but also give back to the community.

Join Us in Making a Difference
There is still time for other solicitors to join this year’s campaign and for individuals to make a will through Will Aid. For more information, visit www.willaid.org.uk.

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