Joint divorce applications – How to save money and keep it amicable

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Joint divorce applications – How to save money and keep it amicable

By [Lucy Batstone] on October 18, 2022

It is becoming more common for separated couples to remain amicable in the lead up to and throughout divorce proceedings. Whether it is to avoid extra costs, to resolve the matter quickly, or to maintain a stable and loving environment for children, many spouses no longer want to instruct a solicitor each just to unnecessarily thrash the matter out through complex correspondence.

Typically, it would be a conflict of interest for one solicitor to act for both spouses in a divorce. However, under the new ‘No-Fault Divorce’ law, as of 6th April 2022, couples can now jointly instruct a solicitor to assist them both throughout the process.

We understand that a marriage can irretrievably break down for many reasons, the need to apportion blame only heightens animosity, but a solicitor acting for both parties can provide reassuring guidance and encourage harmonious and conflict-free discussions and resolutions.

Previously, one party’s solicitor would not be permitted to advise the other party, meaning an unrepresented party could spend up to ninety-minutes on the phone every time they sought to obtain an update from Court. Instead, having just one solicitor who can support both parties, means that you will both receive the most accurate and up to date information and expertise, at the same time. A joint application of course also means there is no longer the need to pay separate legal fees just to receive the same updates from two different solicitors.

Enabling parties to jointly instruct a solicitor means that both parties are on a level playing field, with access to the same family law specialist. There will no longer need to be unrepresented parties overwhelmed with incoming legal paperwork, a jointly appointed solicitor can handle the legal jargon and court process for you.

The Court fees for filing a divorce can also be burdensome, but by filing a joint application, parties can consensually agree to divide the costs between them as they see fit. This takes the onus away from a sole Applicant who would typically carry the costs throughout part, or even the entire process.

If you are unsure whether a joint application is right for you, maybe because there is a chance, albeit currently amicable, your relationship will deteriorate, we can continue to support you.

The law allows for a joint application to be switched to a sole application at certain points throughout the divorce. By having a solicitor managing the proceedings for you, means you do not have to worry if the process begins to take a toll on the relationship. If your formerly joint application needs to become a sole application, we can use our specialist knowledge to ensure the transition is a smooth as possible to reduce any undue stress and pressure, on either party.
Single Lawyer Divorce Service
OlS Solicitors have recently launched a single lawyer divorce service, named De-Couple Single Lawyer divorce service.  The idea of the service is to allow couples to end their marriage and sort their finances in an amicable way, without having to resort to expensive litigation.

Using one divorce lawyer can save you an average of £2,300 each where the average divorce  and settlement using two sets of lawyers is £7620.

If you want your divorce negotiations to remain amicable and non judgmental then this service will be ideal, especially where there may be substantial assets such as properties and pensions to be settled and divided.

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