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Introducing One Couple One Lawyer Divorce Service: A Unique Approach to Simplifying Separation

By Peter Thomas on June 14, 2023

Why a one lawyer one couple divorce might be good for you

Introducing “De-Couple – One-Couple One Lawyer” by OLS Solicitors: A Unique Approach to Managing Separation

Why is Joint Impartial Legal Advice from OLS Solicitors Beneficial?

One crucial aspect often overlooked by separating couples is the necessity for a court order to legalise any post-divorce agreements concerning finances or child arrangements. This isn’t simply a formality; a judge must evaluate the agreement’s fairness by scrutinising a summary of your financial assets and comparing it to the proposed settlement. If deemed unfair, the court order won’t be granted.

As a result, knowing what a judge would find fair in your specific situation as early as possible allows for constructive negotiations, reassuring you that your agreement will likely not be rejected by the court.

Advantages of OLS Solicitors’ “De-Couple – One-Couple One Solicitor” Service

Reducing Conflict


With OLS Solicitors’ service, both parties learn together what a court would consider fair, thus promoting a shared understanding. This enables you to treat the divorce as a mutual challenge rather than a battle, fostering a fair and equitable agreement.

Saving Time

The average divorce can take up to 14 months to complete. In contrast, our “One Couple One Lawyer” service aims to expedite this timeline to approximately 6-7 months. We offer bespoke, expert advice to ensure that constructive negotiations conclude within 8 weeks, maintaining open lines of communication and making necessary concessions less burdensome.

Cutting Legal Costs

Traditional divorce proceedings can be costly, often exceeding £30,000 and can sky rocket if court appearances with individual solicitors are needed. Our “De-Couple – One Couple One Lawyer” service is streamlined and offers a fixed fee, providing financial clarity from the outset.


Choosing OLS Solicitors’ “One Couple One Lawyer” service offers an innovative, cost-effective, and time-saving approach to managing separation. It minimises conflict and enables smoother negotiations, making it a viable option for many. Contact us today for a free initial consultation to determine if this unique service is the right fit for you.

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