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Meet the female led family law solicitors in Llanelli and Swindon

By Lara Davies on November 7, 2023

Team of professional female family law solicitors at OLS Solicitors in Llanelli and Swindon, confidently providing legal advice.

Leading Female Family Law Solicitors in Llanelli and Swindon: OLS Solicitors.

When it comes to the complexities of family law, finding the right solicitor is crucial. OLS Solicitors, a leading female-led firm, offers unparalleled expertise in Llanelli and Swindon. In this blog, we explore we are the go-to female family law solicitors in these regions.

Unmatched Empathy and Expertise by Female Solicitors

OLS Solicitors stand out  for our compassionate approach to family law. Our firm’s female solicitors bring a combination of legal expertise and empathetic understanding that comes from not only being great lawyers, but from our every day lives as mums and sisters.

Female Perspective on Family Dynamics

Understanding family dynamics is vital in family law. OLS’s team of female family law solicitors bring a compassionate but firm perspective that helps navigate complex family issues with sensitivity and insight.

Bespoke Legal Solutions

Every family is unique, and so are the solutions needed. OLS Solicitors’ approach is tailored to individual needs, every client needs a different perspective and every result is different in family law. We will tell you as it is, not what you need to hear!

A Track Record of Success in Family Law

OLS’s history of successful outcomes and satisfied clients speaks volumes. They are a leading choice for those seeking female family law solicitors and our use of feedback and reviews means we can show you our track record.

Advocates for Fairness and Equality

As a female-led firm, OLS Solicitors are at the forefront of advocating for fairness and equality. Our commitment to these principles makes us stand out in the field of family law.

Accessible Female Family Law Experts

OLS Solicitors are known for their accessibility and clear communication, making them one of the preferred female family law solicitors in Llanelli and Swindon.

Committed to Llanelli and Swindon Communities

The firm’s involvement in local initiatives and advocacy for women’s rights reinforces their position as leading female family law solicitors in Llanelli and Swindon.

In summary, for those seeking expert female family law solicitors in Llanelli and Swindon, OLS Solicitors offer the expertise, empathy, and tailored services that make a significant difference in family law proceedings. Our female-led team is a testament to their commitment to providing the best legal support in family law matters.

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    • Lara Davies

      Lara is our Head of Legal Practice and a director. She advises on complex financial remedy proceedings, private child disputes, and Inheritance Act cases. She also has a keen interest in protecting vulnerable clients, particularly those who have experienced forms of domestic violence in their relationships. Lara has often represented fathers in private child proceedings and has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by them. Lara is keen horsewoman, and has spent her life competing in national and regional level dressage competitions with success. She is also a keen runner, and has completed Marathons, Half-Marathons and mountain races – she is now building up to her first ultra-marathon. Lara loves being outside in the mountains; her favourite place is the Scottish Highlands where she can be found a few times a year with her other half and their Pug in their campervan. She is slowly making her way through climbing each of the Scottish Munros and high peaks of England and Wales. Lara is a Welsh speaker.

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